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Hello Rosemont Parents and Supporters!

We can all appreciate that this year at Rosemont will be different.  Rosemont PTA remains committed to education, health and safety advocacy on behalf of Rosemont students and families. Please help make an impact for kids by joining as a member so that the PTA may continue work on behalf of Rosemont students.

What does PTA do for my child?

Each member's dues supports different tiers of PTA, so by joining Rosemont PTA, you are also a member of Glendale Council PTA (which oversees all PTAs in GUSD), First District PTA (literally the very first PTA district in California), California State PTA, and National PTA.  All work on behalf of your child.  Here are some of the initiatives and benefits PTA has provided for Rosemont in the past, and with your help, hopes to continue. 

  • English department grants (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • History department grants (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • Math department grants (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • PE department grants (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • Science department grants (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • TIDES classroom grants (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • Rosemont R.O.C.K.S. support (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • Teacher breakfasts/luncheons and Appreciation Week (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • Reflections Arts Program (provided by Rosemont, Council, District, State, and National PTAs)
  • Chromebooks fundraiser (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • Solidarity t-shirt campaign, with the goal of reminding students that even apart, they are together as a Rosemont community; funds raised were set aside to provide additional cleaning supplies and/or tech needs (provided by Rosemont PTA, assisted by Rosemont ASB)
  • Assemblies or virtual programs (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • Student volunteer hours (provided by Rosemont PTA)
  • Safer and even more convenient free breakfast and lunch service over the summer (Council PTA)
  • Volunteers to guide students through Rosemont during the spring school locker clean-out/instrument and book return (Rosemont PTA)
  • Student dances - in normal times! (Rosemont PTA)
  • Schedule, textbook, PE uniform pick up - normally during Howdy Day (Rosemont PTA)

Here are current focuses and benefits:

  • Fall textbook pick up! (Rosemont PTA and Rosemont staff)
  • Rosemont PTA Tech Committee to support staff, teachers, and parents with distance learning platforms is getting started! (Rosemont PTA)
  • Mental health forum and mental health support (state-wide grant application submitted by Council PTA, working with GUSD Student Wellness Services - cross your fingers!)
  • Equitable and safe learning for students, during COVID-19 and always (Rosemont PTA, Council PTA, California State PTA)
  • Safe teaching environments for teachers and staff, during COVID-19 and always (Rosemont PTA, Council PTA)
  • Advocacy of legislation that favors education funding (Click on the link to Prop 15 support through California State PTA as well as other initiatives.
  • Representing students and families to our amazing principal, GUSD, local and state legislators, and national legislators (Rosemont PTA, Council PTA, California State PTA, National PTA)
  • Member benefits! California State PTA and National PTA offer money-saving perks for members

How has PTA been helping my child over the summer?

This year, there are quite a few of us Rosemont Board members on both the Rosemont PTA and Council PTA Boards, and so collectively we have been busy over the summer in contact with GUSD regarding return to school plans as well as with Rosemont's "R.O.C.K.-in" principal Ms. Risse, on how we can best help meet educational, safety and socio-emotional needs of kids and families. We have been meeting with other school PTA leaders regarding concerns and celebrations, and attending training sessions to stay abreast of developments in child advocacy, policy, and student/family needs. We welcome the thoughts of our members on what they think is best for students.

Sweet!  How do I join?

Join online


Join with this form. These will also be coming home to you during textbook pick-up, with an envelope for mailing.

The PTA motto is "Every child, one voice." Please join us. We cannot do it without you.

Rosemont Middle School PTA Board  - Thank you for your support!  ❤_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Donations are tax-deductible and used for Rosemont student and teacher needs!  Use the link (same as the one for membership): OR turn in aforementioned PTA Membership 20-21 form.