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Rosemont ROCKS!

rosemont rocks logo, honor and excellence and pride

Rosemont ROCKS is more than a program; it is a way of life! The principles of respect, ownership, cooperation, kindness and safety permeate all aspects of the school community.  It is an attitude of individuality, helpfulness, and empathy. This attitude can be seen in the ROCKS mascot, a Spartan with a purple mohawk and sunglasses. ROCKS is a combination of many social and emotional support programs.  In addition, ROCKS includes a number of social/emotional programs created by the Rosemont Staff to help students be successful and feel connected to school. Each student has the opportunity to join any of the school's many groups and clubs, whose goal is to provide fun, active lifestyles, mindful well-being, and the opportunity to develop strong peer relationships.  Rosemont ROCKS can be seen and heard from every corner of the campus. From the signs, posters and assemblies to the supports provided our students at school and in the community, ROCKS is a way of life.

The model program Rosemont ROCKS is in alignment with the Glendale Unified School District’s overarching LCAP goals to maximize student achievement, create a culture of learning, and increase engagement. Rosemont ROCKS distinguishes itself by focusing not only on the factors that allow for academic achievement but also provides a structure and explicit expectations that allow for the social emotional development of all students. These structures prepare students to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively in a diverse and ever changing community.

Specific GUSD LCAP goals are to support the social, emotional and physical needs of all students and to provide services and conditions that support learning. The explicitly taught and clearly communicated expectations for student behaviors of the Rosemont ROCKS program align closely with these district wide goals. Under Component 1 of the Rosemont School Safety Plan, Rosemont’s School Goal 1 is “to create an educational program and community which encourages academic success for all students by increasing student connectedness to school, teaching what students need to succeed, and creating a link between home and school.  Rosemont ROCKS accomplishes this and more. 

photo of rosemont middle school sign and photo of classmates at an event sitting down at a table and eating

photo of rosemont middle school sign that reads spongebob dies in infinity war

photo of multiple students and a banner that reads, we are here for you