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School Safety Plan

Safety of students and staff is a primary concern of Rosemont Middle School. Administrators, teachers, instructional assistants, and parent volunteers supervise students at snack, lunch, and after school. Teachers regularly review the rules for safe and responsible behavior. We have a fully fenced, closed campus. Visitors must enter the school through the main door and sign in at the front desk in the office. They are given a visitor's badge and are required to wear it while on campus.

We revise our School Safety Plan annually; it was revised and approved by our School Site Council in March of 2018. The Plan includes procedures for emergencies, exit routes, and inventories of emergency supplies. We make the plan available, upon request, and in the school office. We share the plan with all staff during a school wide staff meeting. We practice disaster drills quarterly, plus we hold workshops for staff on emergency preparedness annually.

In the event of an emergency, parents will be contacted via phone by the school or district office with information and emergency procedures. Parents can assist with this process by ensuring that all emergency contact information is up-to-date in the school office.

Emergency procedures and evacuation plans depend on the type of emergency or threat that exists. Our school and district will work with local law enforcement and emergency personnel to determine the best method to maintain the safety of our students during an emergency. Emergency procedures, evacuation plans, and the process of reuniting students with their family are all dependent upon the type of emergency.

Parents are asked to wait until they receive instructions from the school, district, or emergency personnel before going to the school campus during an emergency.

Students are permitted to use electronic devices in the event of an emergency or disaster (i.e. a lockdown, earthquake or other such event) as determined by the principal or for a health purpose.